Split Air Conditioning

The most familiar form of air conditioning, split systems comprise of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit that are connected with copper pipe and control cables. TheseĀ  systems are ideal for conservatories and bedrooms as split air conditioners are also an extremely efficient source of room heating simply by reversing the refrigeration process and utilising the low level ambient heat.

A wide range of indoor units are available including high level wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes and ceiling concealed ducted units.

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Unico is the world's premier small duct high velocity comfort system which offers a highly efficient low energy option for cooling, heating and ventilation all in one quiet and draft free system.

The systems modular air handlers can easily be installed in lofts, voids or cupboards. with 89mm sound insulated flexible supply ducting easily run through and around the existing construction. The air is delivered into the rooms through a number of small outlets which can be positioned in the ceiling wall or even the floor.

The Unico system can be used with a number of leading manufacturers of air conditioning heat pumps including Mitsubishi and Daikin, as well as conventional gas boilers and is an ideal complement for ground source and air to water heat pump applications as it utilises the low grade heat extremely efficiently.

The Unico system can provide a range of cooling out puts from 3 to 17kw and heating out puts from 3 to 30kW depending on the model used.

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F-Gas Registered

We're f-gas certified - find out what this means for you. Make sure you're equipment is up to date with the latest legal requirements R22 phase out and TM44. Don't get caught out!

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