Heat Recovery Ventilation

As the desire to conserve energy has increased along with building efficiencies being improved buildings are intentionally being made more air tight and consequently less well ventilated. However the need for fresh air has remained the same and while opening windows does provide ventilation the buildings heat and humidity will be lost in the winter and gained in the summer.

Poor air quiality can be atributed to many problems arising in the home and workplace, it is believed to contribute to significant loss in productivty, low moral and higher rates of sickness amongst many employees.

Installing a heat revcovery ventilation system improves climate control and promotes enery efficiency of your heating and cooling system and also helps provide conditions under which people can live and work in comfort and saftey.

Heat recovery ventilation systems reduce overall energy costs by extracting the stale air from inside the building through an arangement of duct work, and then recovers the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool the incomming fresh air. By utilising this energy these systems can save up to 30% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling plant

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