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It is important for any company dealing with complex refrigeration, air conditioning and heating to be fully compliant with the latest laws and rules. We ensure we are up to date on all of this and will of case make sure your equipment is too!


TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection.

Response are accredited energy assessors and have the TM44 accreditation.


Find out about TM44 from CIBSE

Read up on Gov.uk about air conditioning inspections 

It is now a requirement of the 2003 European Parliament Directive 2002/91/EC on the Energy Performance in Buildings (EPBD) that buildings with air conditioning systems with rated outputs of 12 kw are inspected in accordance and compliant with the TM44 methodology by a fully qualified assessor.

If your building has a combined total of 12kw of cooling or more, then you are now legally required to carry out and register an air conditioning inspection certificate (TM44), also known as an air conditioning energy assessment.  This should be completed every five years from installation to ensure you are in accordance with new regulations. If your system was installed on or after 1st January 2008 you have up to 5 years before carrying out your first inspection. Get your FREE GUIDE to TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection.

Help and Information on ECA

Helpful information on enhanced capital allowance schemes for energy saving technologies for your business.

ECA information

Help with ECA Allowance

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F-Gas Registered

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Ref Com - F-Gas  - Rest Assured, we comply.

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Before employing the services of any company to handle or manage your stationary refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment, you need to be sure they comply with all legal requirements.

At Response MS, we make sure that our company and team are always up to date with the latest industry requirements and this includes having an F-Gas Company Certificate.

All businesses handling stationary refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment that contains or is designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants, needs a Company Certificate.

It is vital that you check as enforcement checks are being carried out throughout the country. Not having this certification is now illegal.


R22 Phase Out

Did you know? R22 is now a banned substance.


As R22 is an ozone depleting HCFC its use or the recycling of this is now prohibited. If you still use R22 in your daily business whether within air conditioning or refrigeration systems, it is time to plan for the removal and replacement of your existing systems.

Because many older systems which are perhaps part way through their life generally require modifying, it makes sense for most companies to phase R22 out of their business, rather then simply replacing everything in one go. The good news is, the Government offers enhanced tax relief as part of Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) covered by their pledge towards energy and climate. For more information on R22 phase out, get in touch.

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