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That is why we use the Unico system. A great alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, the Unico system provides quiet operation and highly efficient heating and cooling operation.

It’s innovative design means the temperatures remain even from floor to ceiling with no hot or cold spots.

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The Unico System is an indoor air handing and flexible small-duct high velocity system for use in existing buildings without ductwork or inadequate ductwork as well as for use in new custom home construction. 

The standalone Uni-Chiller RC, which heats as well as cools, providing quiet operation and high efficiency, using water as the medium. The Uni- Chiller can be located at remote distances (up to 300 feet) and the refrigerant is completely sealed and not circulated in the conditioned space.

The Unico System works on the principle of “aspiration.” Hot and cold streams of high-velocity air enter a room, creating gentle circulation without drafts.

This provides for even temperatures from floor to ceiling. In cooling mode, the Unico System removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional central air conditioning systems, making even higher temperature settings more comfortable, efficient and economical.

The Unico System’s design fits anywhere – in buildings without ductwork or with inadequate ductwork. Installing the Unico System is always a possibility for meeting indoor comfort needs, no matter when a house was built or what its physical configurations are.

Fits Any Space

Homeowners everywhere are enjoying the high performance and superior comfort of the Unico System. No matter when the house or building was built or what the physical configuration, installing the Unico System is always a possibility—without compromising the design or architectural integrity.

The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.

The aesthetics of your home are maintained with the Unico System – walls are not marred by metal registers that streak or stain. Small, subtle outlets are available in 50mm round or 16mm x 304mm slotted versions blend perfectly into your design.

Quiet Performance

The air is from our system is delivered quietly and seamlessly. The supply tubing is designed to be as efficient as possible and also to minimize sound which brings decibels levels to the equivalent of a soft whisper. This is due to the nylon inner core and also the insulation, which absorb the sound created from the air.

The air handler is also designed to isolate noise and vibration. Each module, including the blower and coil, of our system is insulated with closed cell, sound deadening insulation which ensures that the unit remains quiet. Whilst you’ll feel the comfort our system provides, you’ll never notice it’s running.

Little or No Remodeling

The Unico System fits where other conventional cooling and heating systems can’t – with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and cupboards.

The flexible small ducts can be routed through existing ceiling, floor or wall cavities – eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork!

Because of all our design features, there is no need to “gut” the home for installation. The process is less disruptive, there’s less mess, less dust, and less installation time. Without the installation requirements of a traditional heating, cooling, and ventilation, the Unico System saves time and money on your construction.

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